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Here's why socialmediawoodz is right for you?

Whether you want to collect leads or add customized chat layout, our chatbot platform will take your basic looking chat window to a whole lot of experience that enables you to deliver automated customer support at scale with an amazing lead-generation engine.

Greeting Page Messaging

Is your website's bounce rate increasing? Engage visitors faster with a personalized message as soon as they land on any page. You can create customized greeting messages for specific landing pages to give an extra oomph of personalization. try page messaging now and watch your visitors cnvert into customers (36).png (37).png

Conversational Forms

With the help of socialmediawoodz  automated conversational forms, your chatbot can ask one information at a time from your customer, be it your inquiry form or your lead generation form. socialmediawoodz bot captures it all and integrates with your favorite CRM or backend system.

AI Learning

Stay on top of your conversations and new questions being asked in the chatbot. AI learning & training capabilities helps you identify weak spots of your chatbot and improve your chatbot over time. You can train you chatbot with existing flows or know potential similar questions using our synonym suggestions technology. (38).png
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